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“They are always concerned about their patients. They take care of us in a timely fashion with hospitality and a smile on their face. My kids love their dr as well as the staff there. I would not take my children anywhere other than here. Thanks to all the staff that work hard to care for our children when they need it.”
Carolyn T.

“Great and understanding staff. Kept my little one happy and made me feel like a great mom. Sometimes all you need is some reassuring as a parent. Wendy our nurse today gave everyone a hug and made us feel welcome. Even after a finger prick and 4 shots my son had a smile. Dr. Petrusick has an incredible personality and makes you feel good always. He was my pediatrician when I was born and proves it with his knowledge and personal experience. My son was the patient and Dr. Petrusick spoke to him first then followed up with his father and I. Truely made a difference in my little boys confidence. Love this place!”
Angela L.

“Nine yrs ago today Grand Strand Pediatrics (Dr. Baldridge) gave my daughter a 2nd chance at life. 9 years ago today you discovered her cancer/tumor and knew it for what it was and rushed us down to MUSC. thank you for being there for me these past 28 years – yes I’ve been using you for 28 years!”
Kathy U.

“We were so pleased when Dr. Petrusick saw our daughter, Sydney, when she wasn’t feeling well. It’s very scary when your child gets sick while on vacation and you don’t know who to trust. We know we made the right choice!”
Tracy W.

“Very friendly staff! Loved how thorough the doctor is and how she made my little one comfortable.”
Kelly M.

“Dr Baldridge is amazing, my son is a complex case and I feel safe knowing Dr B is his doctor.”
Melissa B.

“Love Grand Strand Pediatrics! Always willing to work with parents and explain everything thoroughly love Dr. C!”
Katelyn D.

“They are the BEST group of DOCTORS and they are very FRIENDLY!! When it comes to KNOWING their JOB and MEDICINE they are very ACCURATE!!! Couldn’t ask for BETTER.”
Crystal S.